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Innovative Propulsion Technology

Propulsion is the key technology for traveling into Space and getting around once you get there. Wickman Spacecraft & Propulsion (WSPC) has been developing a variety of rocket propulsion systems for getting into orbit, supporting bases on the moon and Mars, traveling between the planets and moving satellites from one orbit to another. These innovative propulsion systems include new solid rocket and liquid rocket propellants.

WSPC Formulated Ammonium Nitrate Rocket Propellant

Exploration & Defense

Many of the propulsion technologies developed for Space exploration have application for national defense. New solid rocket thrust management and thrust vector control mechanisms for solid rocket Space motors can also be used for new tactical missiles. WSPC propulsion technologies developed for military applications have also been found to be useful for new solid rocket propellants that are not affected by the extreme cold temperatures in Space. These new propellants could power a future Mars sample return mission.

Propulsion Technologies

A more environmentally friendly solid rocket propellant than conventional ammonium perchlorated based propellants.  Click here for more information.

A new liquid rocket propellant that eliminates half the weight and plumbing associated with conventional liquid propellant systems.  Click here for more information.

A new class of solid rocket propellants that ignite in a hard vacuum and operate at extreme cold temperatures. Click here for more information.

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